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Our Work

Through our work, member organizations are supported for and recognized as making the best public health decisions for their communities.

We support member Boards of Health with leadership and collaboration with other public health associations and agencies. We provide you with education and information exchange so you can continue serving the well-being of your local community.

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About the Ohio Association of Boards of Health (OABH) 

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We are a public health organization that was created for Boards of Health membership across the state in order to:
  1. Establish and maintain communication and coordination between boards of health to better understand and approach common and local public health for the state of Ohio.
  2. Assist in planning of orientation and training sessions for board of health members to include, but not limited to:
    • Basic public health services
    • Programs and community assessment /plans
    • Roles of state and local health departments
    • Authority and responsibilities of boards of health
    • Financing
    • Legislation
  3. Work for the general advancement of public health in Ohio
  4. Provide an united effort to obtain support for local health departments from state, federal and other financial sources
  5. Analyze proposed legislation and directives affecting public health and to communicate the views of the local boards of health to legislators and federal agencies
  6. Prepare for, achieve and sustain public health accreditation through active Board of Health in the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)

Our organization has two categories of membership

Current members of a board of health that hold membership in OABH: There is an annual flat fee for the entire board. Current members are voting members. Voting members shall be eligible to serve as officers and directors and have all the other responsibilities of the association’s membership. 

Associate Members: Former members of a board of health who are committed to the association’s goals and purposes. Associate members shall have all the responsibilities and privileges of voting members except they may not serve as officers on the Board of Directors. 

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OABH Needs You!

Be a leader in your area and represent your district.


NALBOH Affiliate

Our mission aligns with the National Association of Local Boards of Health (NALBOH):  to strengthen and improve public health governance.

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Membership Fee cost - $150.00 or $25 for an Associate Membership